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About Us

3H Training Session

In 1992, we began as a small cleaning company in Atlanta. Through organic growth, 3H today serves many of clients in multiple industries. 3H System has successfully provided continuous facility services to Government and commerical.


We have been able to develop time-and-money-saving systems such as specialized management, modern, labor-saving equipment, a large information data base, and extensive technical support national wide.


100 Deputy & Kids Program Sponsor
3H approaches each building as if were a living individual with its own personality. In orientation, training and supervision of facility maintenance  and in staff meetings, the rhythm and dynamics of each building will be considered on an individual basis.
Furthermore, the specs have been examined after surveying each building, learning the challenges it presents, and observing its activity schedule. The level of service provided has always been based on the expectations defined by our partner institutions and specific requirements identified in either a Request for Proposal or other document. The reputation of our service has been directly tied to APPA’s one Levels of Clean.


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